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How do I know if I have hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often gradual and can go unnoticed. Family members and friends may even notice before you do!

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Over 31.5 million Americans experience some form of hearing impairment, and surprisingly, most are below retirement age. Many people experience a gradual decrease in how well they hear, making it hard to notice the loss. ‘Some are so distracted by background noise that they are unable to follow a conversation. And there are those who hear many sounds clearly but miss others completely causing miscommunication and misunderstandings.

With over thirty five years of experience, Dr. Pamela Parente utilizes the most advanced technology and Professional Hearing Services, LLC has the expertise to identify your specific hearing loss and design the most effective solutions.

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Make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device.

Over thirty-five years of experience.

Doctor Parente is Board Certified in Audiology and is certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association, is a licensed audiologist in CT and RI, as well as a Fellow of the Academy of Audiology. She is one of the Founders of the CT Academy of Audiology.

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Maximizing your hearing potential.

Dr. Parente has been trusted for providing thorough, professional and courteous care in audiology for over thirty-five years. She works closely with her patients to customize their hearing program to maximize each individual’s hearing potential.

At Professional Hearing Services, LLC our commitment is to provide you with the technology and education you need to be a full participant in your hearing environment. Without having to ask.

Dr. Parente

Dr. Parente

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